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It involves really big numbers! A lot of money!In the beginning, everyone that takes my real estate investor training all have this “fear”.

It's like that old saying fear is:

False - Evidence - Appearing - Real

But it is really so much more than that:

The truth is the lack of knowledge is what creates fear, we fear something because we dont know what it is.

We fear the noise in the dark because we can't see it and real estate is full of unknowns. 

The average person doesn't know what makes a good deal a good deal, or even where to find one -  they dont know what the value of a property is when they buy it or what it will be worth when they go to sell it. Or what the cost of the repairs will be.

Like I said, Real Estate is a lot of unknowns…

So usually when you hear a real estate horror story, it’s most likely a new investor trying to learn the ropes on their own without any help or guidance, they just dont know what they are doing.
See these new rookie investors are just following instructions TOLD to them by the “professionals”, like real estate agents, appraisers, title companies, home inspectors, and real estate lawyers.

I have nothing bad to say about those people except for one thing…
AND just think about this…


So - if you want to overcome this fear you need to…

Gain the correct knowledge Learn how to determine the deal costs

Know the property values

Know your profits and know these things when you go into a deal not at the end when it's too late to fix things…

Use my 28 years of real estate investing experience. 

It’s the ONLY way to do real estate!

I share my experience with everyone that works with me…
And when you work with me, my objective is to give you the most knowledge I can - so that you can do these deal all on your own and you wont need me anymore…
when I hold your hand through your real estate investment training …
You become an expert real estate investor…

So, in summary, I guess I have to say before you invest in real estate - you really need to invest in yourself first -
Educate yourself first.

Get first hand knowledge from someone who has decades of experience.

And you can do this very easily when you use my step by step plan.

Knowledge is power and when you put that together with expert experience, YOU will make profitable real estate deals!!!

Cliff Gager

Real Estate Expert

Real Estate Investment Expert, Executive Master Mind Coach, Mentor & Speaker

Cliff has…29 years experience investing in real estate all across the United States.

Participated in many profitable real estate transactions over the last 29 years with partners, students, and personally.

By applying his real estate strategies, he has helped thousands of individuals create their first profitable real estate transactions.

Today Cliff is passionate about helping people create their own personal financial revolution so they can realize that life is more than just working hard all their lives. Teaching real world investing and automation strategies, people can actually have time to enjoy life and all it has to offer!

Helping decipher the myths about real estate investing to allow others to invest safely.

Cliff is passionate about family, travel, auto racing, and politics.

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